Superior load dampening

An option that gives you optimal load handling and driver comfort, and which also reduces strain and stress on the loader, subframe, tractor and the driver. The load dampening is easy to activate, with a mechanical on/off switch located on the bearing box.


Quick and simple to connect and disconnect

No tools are required to connect or disconnect your Q200 loader. The solid, smooth and integrated support legs further simplify connection and disconnection.


Forward view and plenty of space

The low cross tube on the Q200 has several advantages, not least a better view of the implement. The smart placement also promotes safe driving, as the front lights are not hidden or covered.


Strong and smart designed pins

All pins on a Q200 loader have large dimensions, are zinc coated and can be lubricated. One significant detail is the Quicke pin lock, which eliminates the risk of the pins rotating.


Clean and reliable arm design

All pipes and hoses are securely protected in the loader arm, a trait which Quicke is known for, which minimises damage to the hydraulics. Naturally, this design also gives the best possible visibility.


Modern, high-quality manufacturing

When production of the Q200 began, nothing was left to chance: modern technology and precise quality controls are common features throughout all our production processes – from the choice of materials to the powder coating.

Parallel Loaders
Non-parallel Loaders

Technical Specifications for 260P








Lifting force at 195 bar/2,828 PSI

  1. 4,570 lbs/2,070 kg at pivot pin, ground level

    3,040 lbs/1,380 kg at pivot pin, max. lift height

  2. 3,650 lbs/1,650 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, ground level

    3,330 lbs/1,510 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, 1.5 m lift height

    3,100 lbs/1,410 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, max. lift height

  3. 6,280 lbs/2,850 kg max rollback force 800 mm from pivot pin


Lifting force at pivot pin
Lifting force 800 mm from pivot pin
Max. rollback force 800 mm from pivot pin

Working angles*

45° max. crowd angle. 48° max. dump angle

Lift height

144"/3.65 metres at arm centre
134"/3.40 metres under level implement*

*Varies depending on implement.

Tractor Size

Approx. 70-110 hp. 51-81 kW and/or

Loader weight

975 lbs/440 kg

Accessories and Implements

You're look to push productivity up a notch or two. Or comfort. Or ergonomics. Our broad range of accessories and implements will enable you to get the most out of your Quicke loader.

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3rd function

Fast and efficent 3rd service adds versatility to your loader and tractor when using implements with hydraulic requirements.

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Proven advantages in design and light weight.

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