Qualities to make you proud

As an owner of a Quicke loader you are part of a constant development that gives you advantages on several levels. An obvious advantage is the pride from being at the forefront of modern design, innovative functions and leading performance for front loaders.

Another advantage is our experience which spans over half a century. Something you can acknowledge every day with the high quality and comfort. Or at the end of your working day when acknowledge the superior ergonomics. Or when you review your working year and realise how much you've achieved and how much time you've saved. Something to prove that your loader's productivity matches your high requirements and ambitions. That satisfaction you feel – that's the genuine Quicke feeling!

Multi-faceted design advantages

Clean lines coupled with colour and form in keeping with your tractor is just one aspect of the unique design advantages of your Quicke loader. The other side, the inside if you like, is the way in which Quicke's detailed design provides you with ergonomics and productivity in a class of their own.

Take, for example, Q Vision, the superior view achieved by gathering all hoses inside the loader arms. Or the arms' double U profiles which provide you with the market's best torsional and bending resistance. Or the curved cross tube which provides more space for front lifting and front weights, and prevents the front lamps from being obscured. This list of practical and productivity-boosting design advantages goes on and on. Most importantly of all, of course, is the result – in other words, your maximum benefit and work satisfaction!

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That little something extra for you to enjoy

As a Quicke owner, you also clearly play a leading role in our product development. In other words, everything we do is aimed at making your working day easier, more interesting and more rewarding. On a large and a small scale, from individual details to new, pioneering functions.

A prime example is our connecting and disconnecting function, Lock & Go, which has no loose parts. It's a solution which optimises both speed and safety when changing your tractor's work tasks. Just as ingenious is our Clic-on implement lock, preventing you from connecting your implement in any way but the correct way. Just like our damping function, SoftDrive, and unique valve program, LCS, which provides a totally new level of comfort and control. You can find many more specific examples here.

Top performance for an efficient working day

With Quicke you know you have a loader capacity which is the top of the market. An excellent example is Q Link, our super-effective parallel guide that gives you more power and greater work speed. Another example is the large implement angles that keep productivity at a constant top level.

We're also talking here about top performance lasting for many years. Thanks, for instance, to details such as the strong and resistant bearing box and reinforced pins. Or the almost unbelievable torsional and bending resistance resulting from loading arms' double U profile. Or the strong design of our Delta attachment enabling you to make maximum use of all the tractor's power. When you choose Quicke, you will never need to stop again – whether it's because of the capability of your front loaders, your tractor or your own capability!

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Support and Service

Ålö & Quicke provides worldwide excellent product support. Support is provided by your local dealer.

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